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About 9dimensions®

Our Delivery and Value Assurance™ methodology and tools were born from decades of work managing the investments our clients make in their people, processes and technology. We've incorporated the hard lessons of thousands of projects, hundreds of programs, and many dozens of portfolios. Our tools and methods include the best thinking around minimizing risk and maximizing returns.

The 9dimensions® methods can be adopted indepedendent of our SaaS solution, but many clients find they're better together.

Our 9dimensions® methodology and tools are applied to the following enterprise needs:

The objectives of Enterprise Portfolio Management (EPM) are to optimize delivery and value from many, simultaneous investments involving processes, people, physical assets, and technology.

Our true EPM solution begins by recognizing there is a baseline probability of failure for each investment type and then, by applying our patented Delivery and Value Assurance™ approach, you proactively and progressively work each investment to conclusive success.

Benefits of Our Approach

Imagine reducing total lifecycle costs by 25% or more and bringing failure rates to near zero, all with minimal resources -- as few as 1-2 FTEs for every $250 million in investments.

  • It's unbiased, proactive and predictive.
  • It's based on an understanding of your business objectives and your capability to deliver on your investments; not on aggregated status reports and subjective opinions.
  • It works for the complete lifecycle -- cradle to grave -- of both business and IT investments.
  • Optionally includes flexible governance and opportunity management capabilities as well as competitive and collaborative intelligence, for sourcing, evaluating, prioritizing, selecting and nurturing the best opportunities.
  • Understand contributions to risk by role.
  • Know the potential for investment success and value even before you spend a single dime.

It's not enough to manage piecemeal risk within business areas. Safeguarding overall enterprise profitability requires assurance at the enterprise level. The goal is to maintain a smooth flow of business and, in the event of a disruption, minimize the costs and time to get back to normal. With our solution you can assure delivery and value for your risk management efforts and their resulting costs (cash flows) and impacts on corporate objectives. By proactively assuring your many risk management efforts, you ultimately:

  • Reduce their costs,
  • Keep them viable and optimized for the enterprise as a whole, and
  • Affirm their contributions to strategic objectives.

Benefits of Our Approach

  • It is an efficient, cost-effective, uniform, and repeatable model for monitoring, overseeing, measuring and managing your many risk efforts. It is both methodology and control framework “agnostic”.
  • Accommodate all control frameworks (e.g., COSO, ISO 20000, CoCo, AICPA, Cadbury, COBIT, etc.) and all categories of risk (business or IT).
  • Enable enterprise-wide relative and absolute comparisons of risk.
  • Facilitate iterative and repeatable execution of the same type of risk assessment, or risk mitigation effort, at diminishing incremental costs.
  • Take a portfolio approach to enterprise risk management that requires very few resources to be successful (e.g., akin to the few people that can manage billions in a pension or mutual fund).
  • Create a centralized view of risk that optimizes risk management decisions and actions.

The AICPA predicts that overall assurance-service revenues will double or triple during the next decade from the addition of new assurance services in areas outside the traditional domain of financial auditing.

Our assurance services lead the way with their focus on non-financial areas including processes, people, physical assets, and technology.

Benefits of Our Approach

  • Improve internal processes and the transparency of those processes (both are essential elements of strong auditing and assurance services).
  • Use our Delivery and Value Assurance™ approach to improve compliance and internal controls management including, but not limited to, those for Sarbanes-Oxley.
  • Easily confirm that regulatory (or procedural) compliance and document retention requirements are being met anywhere across the enterprise.
  • Readily conduct periodic or ongoing QA/QC and independent verification and validation (IV&V) reviews on any business or IT efforts.
  • Assure delivery and value from any and all business process outsourcing (BPO), application outsourcing (AO), and other internal and external service level agreements (SLAs).

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