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Delivery and Value Assurance™, enabled through our 9dimensions® solution, is the unbiased, proactive, and predictive management of risks, relationships and returns inherent to all investments an organization makes in processes, people, physical assets and technology.

The 9dimensions® solution and methods are equally suitable for enhancing key areas of your business including:


as·sur·ance \ə-shur-ən(t)s\

Service Description

We help organizations set up and implement methods and tools that enable them to assure delivery and value for the investments they make in people, process and technology. Our approach allows for a view into possibilities and probabilities of success or failure, before resources are expended on projects.

The Challenge

Most organizations quickly implement tools and methods to support PMOs, accomplishing the automation of what has always been done – status reporting. Now, with automatic status aggregation and human dis-intermediation, they have only hidden and magnified failures, and associated costs.

Bubble charting and creating dashboards on biased opinions of projects’ status is what we call “PMO 1.0”.

Organizations should create means by which they can have an unbiased, proactive and predictive model for investment (portfolio, program) management.

Service Description

We help organizations design and deliver next generation Program Management Offices (PMOs) that add the value leadership expects from them. We bring a wealth of experience, knowledge and tools to customizing an effective PMO that’s in sync with the organization it serves. Our services encompass planning, designing, implementing and optimizing PMOs.

The Challenge

Increased competition puts pressure on executives to make wise business decisions that invest in the right ideas, with the right budget, at the right time. A mature and well-established PMO yields insight into an organization’s project portfolio, facilitating the thoughtful planning and execution that lead to the desired return on investment. An effective PMO has the power to become a unifying point for your organization, increasing the value of every project investment you make. Unfortunately, many PMOs have become chronic underperformers. How does an organization go from “no PMO” or a low-performing PMO to a high-functioning PMO in the brief timeframe that the pace of business demands?

Leading to Results

We have extensive experience in optimizing the performance and strategic value of PMOs. Our work takes place in three main areas: establishing new PMOs, revitalizing existing PMOs and improving organizational governance. We have developed a PMO framework that guides planning, implementation and ongoing improvement—tapping into leading practices and methods to deliver results.

Since 2001, our Program Management Office services have helped clients by:

  • Designing and implementing governance processes, including ongoing advising and coaching on process and decision-making methods
  • Developing business cases to implement PMOs
  • Planning, designing and implementing PMOs
  • Providing interim PMO leaders
  • Conducting assessments of capabilities, tools and effectiveness
  • Training core leadership and PMO staff on leading practices and methods

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